2x2 swingers club entrance

We are a meeting point for tolerant and modern people, Swingers, leather, pvc, cross-dressers, bisexuals, nudist, exhibitionists etc. everyone is welcome.

Bar Swing in 2x2swingers clubIn our relaxed atmosphere it is not hard to meet like minded people. Our music permits getting a conversation going without raising your voice, and at the same time permits dancing.

We expect respect and tolerance towards all other users of the club, especially those living out or experimenting with their fetish fantasies.

As with all clubs, one should not touch or attempt to join in without consent of the other people. If someone says "NO" then you should back off, if you ignore the "NO" command we reserve the right to remove you from the premises and to exclude you from all future events.

All nights are based on a simple "everything is possible, but nothing has to happen."

Once in a while or on request we organise special theme nights such as Nudist, S & M, gangbang, bisex etc.

The bar is designated as a smoking area. But smoking is not allowed in the play areas.

Our fun zone consist of:

  • Orgy-room (with giant bed),
  • Pyramid (for the creative swingers),
  • S & M corner,
  • Mirror-room,
  • Private rooms.

OOf course we offer clean toilets, showers, lockers, towels and condoms for safe sex.

Entrance to showers at 2x2 swingers club

All ladies present in the 2x2 are there strictly for their own pleasure (no professionals) They expect to be treated with respect and courtesy.

We don´t have a strict dress code on most nights, but we do prefer our guests to "Dress to impress". Sexy lingerie, pvc, leather, nylon, miniskirt etc. Gents can wear string, boxer shorts, leather, net-shirt, see-trough tops or dress in black. Lockers are available for your street-wear!

We reserve the right to refuse entry to people that are not dressed to impress. Nudists are welcome to wear clothes or go naked.

2x2swingersclub bar area

Single men are allowed in the club on most nights, but we do limit the number of single men to just 4 on any given night (except on gang bang and bisex nights and when there is a large number of couples present in search of single men). Single men are not allowed to enter the fun zone on their own. They are only allowed to enter it on invitation of a couple and are expected to limit their actions to this specific couple.

The 2x2 swingers club is open every night from 22.00

From Monday to Thursday you can rent the club for private parties, foto sessions etc.

TThe club is located in the lower level of Shopping Center Cita, Local 401 in Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas.

Location of 2x2 swingers club

2X2 swingers club was fully renovated in 2009 :

The renovated club now holds:

  • New: orgy-zone with giant bed
  • New: pyramid-zone for creative swingers
  • New: S & M corner with cross and toys
  • New: private rooms
  • New: improved separation between the bar-area and the fun-zones.

2x2 Swingers Club

Shopping center La Sandia

Playa del Ingles


Canary Islands

Telephone: 666 646 880

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can find more details and make a booking at our website at www.2x2swingers.com.