What is swinging?

Who should be considered a swinger?

Swinging is defined as being the act of couples in committed relationships who have sex with other people as part of a recreational activity. Many swingers get together at parties or clubs to socialize with like minded people. Swinging usually involves a straight man and a bi curious woman, but it is becoming more and more diverse. Couples may decide to begin swinging for a variety of reasons. They may want to add spice to their sex life or explore their sexual desires and fantasies that they may not be able to do with just their partner alone.

The definition of swinging should also include single men and women. Single people may find the act of swinging to be a refreshing change from the dating and bar scene. A single person who believes in open relationships and will practice swinging whether or not they are single, in a relationship or married should be considered a swinger. This person engages freely in sexual intercourse, and doesn’t let the expectations that society puts on them hold them back. They practice “free love”, and they don’t see sex as shameful.

Swinging may include a threesome, couple to couple encounter or group sex. Some couples engage in soft swinging, which is the act of a couple having sex in front of other people. A woman who has an extremely high sex drive and cannot be satisfied with one partner is also considered a swinger. Dogging may also be defined as swinging. This is when a couple has sex in a car while people watch them. There is also cuckolding, where a wife may have sex with another man and sometimes make her husband watch. Swinging is considered to be a lifestyle by most participants. As time goes on, the definition of swinging is spreading further and further. If you’re looking for further information on swinging and advice a great place to start is a swingers site, if you’re in Australia a great place to start might be Swing Down Under or Swingers in Australia

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